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Quo Vadis, James?
Some initial thoughts...

It's a bold decision to retcon in the 24th installment in the worlds' most popular movie franchise/longest running/fricken' Bond.

It's why the movie is so good.
Yet, it's why the movie is a disaster.

First things first, the key thoughts:

The plot was kinda obvious; Blofeld was blatantly obvious; is this another reboot, a continuation of the Skyfall reboot, or a continuation of the Casino Royale reboot? It seems to be all at once; Not enough Monica Belluci; Fantastic cinematography; Did Mendes seriously rip the plot from Goldmember? (Yes, Austin Powers); Where next? 

The movie was beautiful (but we knew it would be after Skyfall).
The acting was incredible. Some of the best performances in 53 years of Bond.
Sam Smiths song works with the film (which we knew it would after Skyfall).

But the plot? The homages? I'm left kinda numb to throwbacks when every other line or scene is clearly appropriating something from an earlier work. The clinic in the Alps is OHMSS. The unloaded gun is Casino Royale. Blofeld is The Classics. The train is a fairly familiar trope by now (but see From Russia With Love). The desert expanses are Quantum. Blofeld being Bonds brother is Austin Powers. The cat and the scar. The brain drill is the torture chair in The World Is Not Enough and the laser/circular saw in Goldfinger. (Was the Royles the same from Goldfinger too?).

And whats with the Doctor Who-esque/fan fiction style of never letting something die?
Take the DB5. That car was never featured as much in the classics as people think. It was in CR and Skyfall, before it's destruction.
And then Q rebuilt it? OK...

I just saw the film, and I don't know what to think. I loved it, but it also felt really empty. If it's a reboot or reimagining of the classics, then OHMSS-2 is coming up, and I know how that ends. And if so, why? But if not, why this film?

And why tie everything in Craig's tenure up into one supermassive evil group that he has now seemingly ended? This movie sets up a series of Bond vs Blofeld films (or a trilogy), and yet ends with Bond capturing Blofeld alive, and not executing him (despite the fact he is the "author of all [Bond's] pain"). Bond has killed in cold blood for less. Blofeld is now captured, and escapes? Or worse yet, doesn't? We don't need to see another set of Bond vs Blofeld, much like we dont need to see any more Doctor vs Daleks...

But that shit sells.


The film is entertaining, just don't think about it too much.

85 popcorns

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